Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Do you Scrabble?

No age limit, no barriers and now all over facebook people are playing scrabble. I learned to play scrabble from my grandmas, the tiles in a crown royal bag and a scrabble dictionary with a thumb line down the side from flipping and the 2 letter cheat sheet used so often it is held together with layers of tape.

I have learned patience, spelling - well still not very good at this, new words I will never use in a sentence and nothing is better than a game of scrabble and a cold beer on a hot day. I even learned that F**K stands for Fornicate Under the Crown of the King.....who knew.

Should "AA" really be a word?

So I make friends all over the country and chat with them all while playing a game of scrabble. Networking is what I do - you can never know to many people can you?

So if you play online or pick up a board, play a game of scrabble with someone today. You never know what you may learn.

Sandy it is your turn.............................................

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