Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Clan

Ahhh family.........Thanks Cody for plugging Grandma on your Blog, I know it is not your normal content. Check out his experiment on his blog, I think about how much more I could get done in a day.

We are a bit of a clan, many of us have relativitis - we love them the most, but when it comes down to all getting together we have a lot of fun - well at least I always do.

I asked Grandma the other day how on earth she handled having 8 children, she said "it was hard some days and not so the other days, I was planning for today - I am really lucky"

8 children + 6 spouses + 25 grandchildren + spouses + 35 or more great grandchildren and 3 on the way + 1 spouse + 2 great great grandchildren = a CLAN

Cody it is your turn in scrabble...........

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