Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Clan III

I just love my family, every last one of them.

Email, my blog, facebook and even NASCAR have made it very easy for me to keep in touch with most all members. They say it takes a community to raise a child, I feel like I got it from a clan.

Even though I have always lived far away, I have made it an important part of my life to know what is going on and to learn from all of those around me.

I have one Uncle who I look to for business savvy, learning by example and words of wisdom. I still have not learned the love of dirt. ps.He also has the antidote.

I have an Aunt - who has always been the coolest (yaya I am getting old) mom and well yes Aunt.

I have an Uncle who for the last 20 years who gives my husband a hard time and watches over me from a distance. Some day we will tackle a project together.

An Aunt who is always involved with her community - politics and organising community events and church - Not sure if she knows the word "No" either.

I have an Aunt who never forgets to celebrate birthdays and Anniversaries. She thinks she has relativitis - but I think she has the antidote.

I can't forget my mom who is the queen of multitasking, always moving, challenging life, looking for new and is amazing at cleaning out a closet.

I have 2 specific cousins who I look to for blog advice. I have a cousin - no matter what is going on will meet me at Grandma's for a camp fire - and well just can't forget the beer. One who challenges sleep, one who makes salsa and cans almost everything and makes great beer - still owes me one.I play scrabble via facebook with a few of my cousins. 2 have learned to play guitar well into their 30's - you are never to old to learn a thing or 2. One who I chat with about NASCAR and have tossed back a few on the ski hill. Some are in school aspiring to do great things. Most all of them cheer for the Riders. ( hey even though I live in the USA - we still get the odd game.)

My brother ...... well he never calls ......its an Aitken thing I hear.

We have teachers, dentists, accountants, farmers, moms, childcare givers, craftsmen, quilters and stitchers, designers, realtor's, work from home, keeping the streets in repair, entrepreneurs, managers, mini golf course owners, and yes even one who sells explosives.

So I guess what I am getting at is Thank You to all in my family who have had a part in who I am even if you didn't know you did!

Keep those pledges coming in for Grandma - she really started this entire thing called a Clan.


Almost forgot a member of the family that was given a special membership into the clan. If you are not learning something new, your going to get stale.....keep evolving and challenging yourself no matter how bad your knees hurt.

Rock climbing in the gym - checked off my list.

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