Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My eyes are wide open

My 10 % challenge has given me a shift of awareness and opened my eyes to some great women who surround me. I want to mention a few things that have showed up since my eyes became open and who drive me to strive higher. 72 mile mountain bike race - Jagoe completed in 8 hrs and 42 min. 10km Wild Iris Run - Susan, Suzanne, Holly, Me Ellen has been an amazing coach, and the web site can be used by all to get into shape. Triathlon - Molly is an all round amazing athlete. Kari, built a school, wrote a book and still manages time to be a mom of 2.

Betty opened a brand new Hello the House, Lisa launched her husbands new clinic, Denine teaches kids to paint, Audry coordinates a camp for 40+ kids for a week, Ronda went back to nursing, a local family flew off to China to teach English for a year, and I could go on.

I guess what I am finding is if you surround yourself with great people who live each and every day to its fullest it is amazing what you will see and what you will strive to do for yourself.

A very wise friend of mine while on a chair lift at Fernie said, " I teach the kids if you are not learning something new, you need to make a change " He had just retired from teaching for a new adventure and was snowboarding because he had skied all his life and was no longer learning. I think about this every day.........thanks for those words.

So ask yourself, what can I learn or do today that I have never done before.
Challenge yourself, I DARE you to open your eyes WIDE!

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    You're too sweet!MF