Monday, August 20, 2007

Losing ASSets

So since arriving home from Atlanta, I have created a team of Losers.
Think back when you had your friends around and you felt like you could do just about anything, well we are collectively across the country as a team going to loose some of our ASSets.

So what are we going to do -

Everyone emailed me a photo ( before picture in a bikini bottom) - to be used at a later date to show results and post it on your is amazing how you will second guess that snack.

This is friendly, no prizes, just a group who all want to shed some ASSets - and cheer each other on along the way.

We are using an accountability website to help with calories and keeping track of exercise.

We are taking vitamins, not skipping meals, eating healthier, exercising, drinking lots of water and most of all having fun .... we even have a pregnant participant who is moving so not to add any unnecessary ASSets.

Are you looking to change the view from behind, is it time to start taking better care of your health and your families - all are welcome to join us on our mission to LOSE our ASSets. Contact me for details.

If you are not ready for a team environment, find a friend who you can be accountable with and who will help you celebrate shedding those ASSets.

A great big Thank you to Team Losing ASSets for keeping me on track. 1 more pant size to go.

go to for the weekly workout

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