Thursday, August 30, 2007

Health and success and they connected?

I have been talking a lot about the results of my goal to get in shape and lose weight. Today while working out at the gym, Ellen and I talked about the similarity of health and business.

You can buy a membership, hire a personal trainer and set a goal, but if the goals are not realistic and measurable you will not continue to strive to attain the goal - oh yes and you have to go to the gym and work at it.

Every day you will not see improvement but over a period of time you can see a change. This is why I love team losing ASSets - the picture is a reality check and after working at it the picture becomes the measuring stick.

In my business I have not always set attainable goals in the appropriate amount of time and well let myself down. So new steps. Just like every day I do crunches to get the wash board I want I will do business activity.

So something I am thinking about: Are people who are successful in business also focused on their health. Do the CEO's of the biggest businesses in the country, eat healthy and exercise? Is there a connection to physical health and the health of your business and retirement?

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  1. The same old business basis, It will never change. You can dream about being very rich, or you can just get up every morning and work at it. One small step at a time!