Monday, August 27, 2007

First day of school.....20 year class reunion

It just seems like it was June 1st and I wondered what I would do to keep my kids busy for 3 is over, back to school in the morning. The last 2 weeks they have both been ready..........and can you see me dancing. My kids are my world...BUT.....3 month is to long for them. Grade 1 and Grade 4......hmm

Last Saturday was my 20 year class reunion in Alberta - LTCHS in Red Deer. It just did not work out to be able to attend. A big Thank you to Mike for sending me pictures and labeling has been 20 years and a few people I would not have recognised. Edie, I would have totally taken a picture and Wendy - well we are way over due for a visit and a good chocolate buzz.

How quick the seasons change and before you know it you have graduated and are attending your 20 year class reunion.

Life is short..........make the best of every single day!

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