Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July!!!!

Our community has a great 4th of July. It kicks off on the night of the 3rd with a local dentist and his wife putting on an incredible fireworks display and inviting the entire community.

This year my 4th started off with a 1/2 marathon.

13.1 miles, start time 6:15 am

The route is a beautiful road to walk.

Suzanne and I crossed the finish line together at 3hr and not quite 2 min. Will share the official results when they are published in the paper. So glad you joined me.

Everyone in town heads to main street for the parade. The parade is just a small town affair but the social gathering is amazing. Beer and Bloody Mary's anyone?

BBQ to BBQ - stopping in to say hi and visit with friends.
The Fireworks are simply just crazy as they are legal in town for the one day.
Independence Celebration at it's finest!

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