Monday, April 16, 2007

Prevention or reaction

According to wikipedia - "is any activity which reduces the burden of mortality or morbidity from disease.

Primary prevention avoids the development of a disease. Most population-based health promotion activities are primary preventive measures.

Tertiary prevention reduces the negative impact of an already established disease by restoring function and reducing disease-related complications."

Are you reactive or proactive about your life? I have decided to become proactive. Okay yes this year I am turning 38 (knocking on the door of 40) ........when did that happen. So we are changing our eating habits, drinking lots of water, exercising, taking vitamins, and using good skin care. Okay yes I am fighting age every step of the way.

Imagine what the medical system in both Canada and the United States would look like if everyone was proactive with their health.

Make it a Great day and think about what can I do to improve my health now before I need to the Dr.

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