Monday, January 15, 2007

more than one way to skin a cat

Well this weekend we have 90% of our basement renovation done. All the painting is complete and I installed the carpet

After 2 long days of cleaning and finishing we celebrated with, yes moving in. You see we are moving our master bedroom downstairs. We now have a large closet and a much needed 2nd bathroom, not to mention I will have a real office instead of using the livingroom. We ran into a bit of a problem.......the box spring mattress would not fit down the stairs. I spoke with one of my business partners this morning and she said she had the exact same problem, they just took apart the box spring and rebuilt the parts disassembled (it took only a couple of hours). Well we jumped on the internet and low and behold it is very common and well out came the saw. Yes we cut the boards on the back in half and folded it. (5 min) and the bed was all made.

Now we will just have to repair the header on the stairs that I ripped out.


  1. Congrats on the new bedroom, ain't Reno a lot of fun, I just finished painting the front entry of our house, the rest can wait til spring. Hope you and the Fam are all doing well, can you believe our 20 year reunion is only a few short months away....AAAAAHHHH!

  2. awesome! how cool is that to get a tip about getting the bed down there? that stuff amazes me :)