Monday, January 22, 2007


Growing up in Canada, hockey is just something that is a part of your life. I have a very fond memories (okay not all of them) of watching my brother play hockey. We spent most weekends at the rink - every weekend. 4 of my nephews play and practice early before going to school, just to get ice time.

Yes, I have stuck my tongue on a metal pole and lived to talk about it, rink hamburgers are the best in the world, I know how to tape a stick, and what a cup is for and I still love the game. Go Oilers!


"The term natural hat trick (or Nat-Trick) refers to when a player scores three goals consecutively in a single game. The goals do not have to happen in the same period."

Today as building my business I used this term and thought I would clarify. Scoring goals or building a business 3 of anything in a row is a great feeling!

However I can only skate with piks.

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