Thursday, August 17, 2006


I just love the 3rd Wed. Of the month. This is the night I meet up with my investment club. A group of 10 women, well we are again now. We have lost a few members in the past, one moved to the other side of the country and the other 2 just moved on. Because we have been a club for 4 years now our portfolio is getting such that buying in a 10th is a large sum of money, and it takes a special person to come in and feel comfortable. It is going to be great being 10 and our new cat fits right in.

Our investment club started out with a book The book is about a group of women who get together monthly on a message board and then once a year take a trip and meet. Written by Karin Housley( her husband Phil Housley played for the Flames) a place to meet and to post your picks, plus resources for starting a club.

We each pay $50 per month, 1/2 of the group each month researches new companies running it thru the chicks dozen, and everyone has a couple current companies to keep an eye on. Our portfolio has been as low at 28% up and as high as 62% up, I think we are learning a few things. So a few stocks we own Burlington Northern Railroad, Coke, Crocs, Sunrise Senior Living, Williams Oil and Gas, Sirius satellite Radio, Lifeway foods.

We have learned about PE Ratio, Dollar Cost Averaging, the 50 & 200 day moving average( although this one I am still not sure about)we are diversifying our portfolio with TTM or Tata Motors in India and N or Inco in Canada. We have conglomerates, oil and gas, cyclical try to balance our pie chart.

So even though we share a few glasses of wine and run off topic at least once a night, we are making money and learning a thing or 2 along the way.

So I raise a glass to the PHAT Cats and say thank you for your friendship, for the laughs, and even a few tears and I look forward to the next 20+ years. Welcome to our newest member, may you enjoy the banter the challenge and the energy of your PHAT Cats

PS The photo - Celebrating a Cats wedding.

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